VCA standard of professional practice:

A. Designer responsibility towards clients:

  1.  A Designer shall not work on projects that create conflict of interest between clients or employers without the knowledge or proper agreement of each side.
  2. Treat all work in progress as confidential as a responsibility towards client until completion/launching of a project.
  3. A professional designer who accept instructions from client or employer that violate the designer’s ethical standards should be raised by the designer, or the designer should refuse the project.

B. Designer responsibility towards other designer:

  1. Designers should not knowingly accept any professional assignment or project that other designer has been working on without notifying the other designer, and without any properly termination of other designer with client.
  2. A professional designer shall not accept instructions from clients that involve *infringement of another designers property rights without permission.
    *infringement – the action of breaking the terms of a law, agreement (violation).
  3. A professional designer shall keep the balance of opinion and be objective if criticizing another designer’s work, and shall not insult or downgrade the reputation of a fellow designer either in client presence or publicly.

C. Remuneration:

  1. A professional designer shall work only for a fee, royalty, salary or other agreed type of payment. (Applicable practice within association).
  2. A professional designer shall not retain/deny any agreed discount, commission, or any payment in any kind towards contractors / suppliers / clients.
  3. A professional designer shall not practice free design, free pitching or speculation work of any kind.
  4. Designers should practice rational upfront payment request not more than 50% before proceeding with any work. (This is just a guideline. Larger projects may apply progression payment scheme as long as its agreed with client. This is to promote good business practice and avoid bad debt).

D. Authorship:
A professional designer shall not claim sole credit for any work/design which other designers have collaborated. It is the responsible of a professional designer to clearly identify the involvement of other designers, when a work/design are displayed publicly, portfolio and/or in anyway.